The project “Increasing the Civil Sector’s Activity in order to Enforce Transparency in the Work of Plovdiv City Council”, implemented with the support of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism, addresses the need to monitor the sessions of the Municipal Council in the city of Plovdiv, present to the public the decisions and implications and involve citizens/NGOs in local decision-making. The project aims at raising public awareness by monitoring the sessions and disseminating information in a user-friendly way. 

First, the applicant’s observer will monitor 20 sessions of the Housing Policy Committee with the Municipal Council and collect detailed data. Second, the expert team (lawyer/economist/city planning and impact assessment experts) will analyze the lawfulness, cost effectiveness and impact of the decisions and disseminate information to the stakeholders in a report. Finally, meetings with NGOs, the media, informal groups will be held and a large-scale awareness raising campaign will be carried out. 

The project will benefit the NGOs, informal groups, citizens and decision-makers. The partner Forum Foundation transfered
experience, good practices and risk roadmaps. The project is with a duration of
10 months and will finish in March 2016.