The first camp in entrepreneurial and creative thinking “The Entrepreneur as a Discoverer” was held in the summer of 2017 in  the architectural and historical reserve “Bozhentsi”. To date, a total of 3 camps have been held, one of which was international, with 22 students from 5 countries. The training part of the camps follows the content developed within the basic course “The Entrepreneur as a Discoverer” and includes the following elements:

  1. Business and economics basics
  2. Innovations and creative thinking
  3. Motivational meetings and factory visits
  4. Free time and thematic activities

Each camp has a duration of 7 days and is suitable for high-school students, aged 15 – 19 years. The initiative in “Bozhentsi” is being implemented in partnership with Gabrovo Municipality and District Information Centre – Gabrovo.

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