Bauersachs Foundation

We inspire and motivate future generations to initiate entrepreneurial action and take personal responsibility for their own prosperity and the progress of society


Educational and training programs for adolescents in the field of entrepreneurship and finance


Career orientation and motivation in the world of technologies and entrepreneurship


Vast informational knowledge base for people, interested in specialized literature

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The entrepreneur as a discoverer

The main theme of the training program for students is financial literacy, training in the basics of economics, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial thinking as a set of values such as passion, motivation and creative thinking.

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The program for early career orientation and motivation and popularization of technical professions and vocational education is aimed at primary school students.

Other activities

Library of economics

A rich informational base for pupils, students and all those interested in specialized literature.

Economic research

Methodologies for measuring the economic impact of non-profit events.

Active citizenship

Mechanisms for increasing the degree of citizen participation in the decision-making process.

The first module of the course in entrepreneurship “Discoverers” was held in the period 08 – 10 November in Hotel Mak, Gabrovo. …

The entrepreneurship course “Discoverers” returns this autumn in Plovdiv in a new, interactive format, with even more game situations, teamwork and business …

The course in entrepreneurship “Discoverers” will be held this fall for the first time in Gabrovo. Full program here. The training, which …

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