Students from Veliko Tarnovo successfully completed entrepreneurial training

13516369_1156154554457029_5314274417628940374_nThe educational and motivational course “The entrepreneur as a discoverer” was held in the Spring of 2015 in Veliko Tarnovo, where the students from the American College “Arcus” went through the entrepreneurial program. The course was  held each week and was conducted with the support of “Libertarianstvo” Foundation.

The educational course was received very positive from students in Veliko Tarnovo, where Bauersachs Foundation held a pilot group with students aged 15-18 years old.

The focus in our program is on the student-centered approach. We use many adapted or created by ourselves games, discussions, cases, examples, explanations through popular films, books and songs. The course views entrepreneurship as an aggregation of values like motivation, passion and creative thinking. The course currently consists of 30 lessons plus 6 additional motivational lectures from successful young entrepreneurs from the region. Those young etrepreneurs take part in the specially designed for the course “Mentors’ Circle”, with the aim to bring students closer to the business world.