Bulgarian students with one of the world’s first certificates on Blockchain

The “Entrepreneur as a discoverer” educational program held its first national camp for high school students.

The Intensive Educational Course on Entrepreneurial and Creative Thinking took place in the period 16 – 24 July 2017 in AIR Bozhentsi. Twenty four students from 9 cities took part in it, with an average age of 16.6 years.

The summer camp was carried out by the Bauersachs Foundation in partnership with the Municipality of Gabrovo and the District Information Center – Gabrovo.

“Entrepreneur as a discoverer” is an interactive course on entrepreneurial thinking based on the so-called “student-centered” approach, where students are actively involved in the process of acquiring new knowledge. The training program consists of 50 school hours, with the main teaching methods being games, case studies, examples, discussions and teamwork.

The teaching material was divided into 5 main modules: Basic economic “tools”; Market Economy Principles; Business as an exploratory adventure; Product / Service Creation Phases and Creative Thinking Techniques and Motivational Meetings.

Of great interest were also the motivational meetings with successful entrepreneurs, including Emilian Enev from Recheck – a company specializing in the development of electronic tags for the Blockchain-based authenticity and ownership of products. It was thanks to Recheck that the participants in the camp got the certificates whose identity can be verified on Blockchain.

The summer camp was highly appreciated by the students themselves, as part of the reviews were:

“A wonderful experience with even more wonderful people and personalities. The lessons are practical, and apart from studying entrepreneurial thinking, they enrich the general culture of a person. I am grateful that I was part of this event. I very much respect the professionalism of the organizers and I would be happy to be part of the team someday. I am grateful that I was part of this experience and I sincerely hope the initiative will continue and develop for the future. “

“The camp was much more than what I expected to be. It surpassed my expectations, because besides the skills I learned, I also created new friendships. “

“I came to this camp with no expectations and thought it would be another boring camp. But this week has become one of the best in my life, because I learned a lot of new things from some wonderful people and I managed to create new friends. “

Bauersachs Foundation is already planning new 3 summer camps in 2018 with an extended duration from 7 to 10 school days each. The Foundation also launched the new campaign to attract sponsors and partners for the summer camps in 2018.