Program for early career orientation in selected high schools

The program for early career orientation and motivation, which the Bauersachs Foundation in partnership with Liebherr – Hausgerete Maritsa EOOD is successfully implementing in selected vocational high schools, enjoys great interest.

During the past 4 months, 8 vocational high schools from the regions of Plovdiv and Pazardzhik joined the program. Over 200 students have gone through the program so far, with another 100 expected to take part by the end of July. The activities carried out are met with great interest both by the students themselves and by the principals and pedagogical staff of the schools.

The main objectives of the program are the following:

  • Increasing the motivation of young people, including from disadvantaged groups, for successful professional realization
  • Implementation of early career orientation
  • Building a sustainable model for successful labor integration
  • Building partnerships between the non-governmental sector, vocational education and business.

Basic activities:

  • Soft skills diagnostics and coaching

The first part of the program is aimed at diagnosing the soft skills (social skills) of the enrolled students, through the innovative Self Awareness system certified by the University of Cambridge. The diagnosis is accompanied by coaching sessions for students to realize their strengths and social skills.

  • Days for career guidance – visits to the production of “Liebherr-Hausgerete Maritsa” EOOD

The second part of the program is related to conducting organized visits to the factory of Liebherr-Hausgerete Maritsa EOOD. Company employees present the variety of career paths for professional development and the necessary competencies and skills sought by the company. The presentations are accompanied by a tour of the plant and familiarization with the real working environment.

For more information about the project, the planned activities and the possibilities to include vocational schools in the program, please contact us: +359885 939 731 /

The program is part of the “Equal Chance for Career Development” project and is implemented with the support of the “Social Alternative Trust”.