Over 220 students visited manufacturing plants in 2022

Early career orientation among VI and VII grade students included the organization of group visits to manufacturing
enterprises. 8 enterprises accepted 15 study groups from 7 primary schools, while the total number of students participating in the activity was 222.

The following companies took part in the activity: ABB Bulgaria, Andi BG, DUnapack Rodina, Index 6, Liebherr Hausgerratte Maritza, Milara International, Prolift and Schneider Electric.

Within the framework of the activity, career orientation and motivation of VI and VII grade students was conducted on site in the respective production enterprises, including conducting on an organized trip to the respective employers. The visits included familiarization tours of the production areas as well as presentations from the employer’s team on the role of professional education for good career development and opportunities for professional realization in the respective company.

The events took place in the months of October and November.

Visited companies