Summer camp in entrepreneurship in July in Bozhentsi

A summer youth camp in the economy and business basics will be held from July 19 to 23 this year in Bozhentsi. It is aimed at students aged 15 to 19 from Gabrovo and Lovech regions.

The training is suitable for students who have not studied economics and entrepreneurship before. The camp provides an understanding of basic economic principles, the world of the market economy and the role of the entrepreneur. The main emphasis is on developing an entrepreneurial mindset, creative thinking, self-confidence and a view of the world as a place full of opportunities.

The camp includes:

✅ Learning through game situations, examples and discussions;

✅ Meetings with successful entrepreneurs and people from the business world;

✅ Team work and solving cases;

✅ Tasks and challenges for independent preparation;

✅ Diagnostics of entrepreneurial talent;

✅  Overnight stays, breakfasts, lunches and dinners;

✅ Certificate for completed training.

The students will be accommodated in guest houses in Bozhentsi, where the activities themselves will be held in the period of July 19-23.

The course is implemented in partnership between the European Information Center “Europe Direct – Gabrovo”, the Regional Information Center – Gabrovo and the Bauersachs Foundation.