The summer camp “The Entrepreneur as a Discoverer” was conducted in Bozhentsi

For five days in July, children from Gabrovo, Lovech, Kazanlak and Burgas joined the adventure “The entrepreneur as a discoverer”, in which they learned the basic principles of the world of economics and entrepreneurship through interactive learning methods.

The summer camp in the basics of entrepreneurship is being held for the fourth time on the territory of the Museum of Architectural and Historical Reserve (MAIR) “Bozhentsi”. Participants were housed in Renaissance-era guesthouses.

A week before their departure to the village of Bozhentsi, they held an assessment of talent and career aspirations by the experts of the Center for Personal Development Support “Career Orientation – Gabrovo”.

The “Entrepreneur as a Discoverer” event aims to be an alternative to most annual school camps by offering a program through which young people can develop their creative thinking. The classes were filled with a variety of content – lots of games, discussions, solving cases and challenges, both individually and in team work. The program was developed by the experts of the Bauersachs Foundation so that, with the participation of the youth, they would gain confidence in their own strength and talent.

The evenings at the camp were spent in inspiring conversations with Bulgarian entrepreneurs, economists, as well as with participants of the camp from previous years. In the final days, participants studied how to raise start-up capital and structure a business, learnt about the types of expenses, profits, profit and loss functions. Students gained knowledge about the risks an entrepreneur takes. Thanks to game situations, one can see in practice the effects of competition on the price of a product or service. The participants also embarked on a “treasure hunt” in Bozhentsi, the main topic of which is the industrial history of Gabrovo and the region. The camp ended with the awarding of certificates for successfully completed training.

The youth summer camp “The entrepreneur as a discoverer” is implemented by the Bauersachs Foundation, the European Information Center Europe Directly Gabrovo, the Regional Information Center – Gabrovo, the Municipality of Gabrovo and MAIR Bozhentsi.