The Bulgarian MEP Eva Maydell became patron of “The entrepreneur as discoverer”

The Bulgarian MEP from GERB/ENP Eva Maydell became patron of an initiative of the Bauersachs Foundation for training young people who want to do business. “The entrepreneur as a discoverer” is a program for developing life skills and building an entrepreneurial culture.

“I completely identify with the methods of the program and I support them – stimulating creative thinking, turning to the world of innovation, overcoming the fear of failure. If we want to make Bulgarian business more dynamic, more competitive and more modern, we must do it with the young,” commented the MEP.

“The Entrepreneur as a Discoverer is a program that considers entrepreneurship as a set of values, such as motivation, passion and creative thinking.” explained one of the creators of the program, Georgi Stoev, managing partner at Industry Watch and member of the Bauersachs Foundation’s Board of Directors. In 2 years, the initiative has established itself as one of the main informal educational programs on the territory of the city of Plovdiv and the city of Veliko Tarnovo. The program is aimed at students aged 15 – 18 years, developing their economic thinking, market ethics and involving them in business as in a discovery adventure. This year the course will be held on the territory of Gabrovo Municipality in July and will train 30 young people from the region. The initiative is also supported by the Gabrovo Municipality, Gabrovo Regional Information Center and Industry Watch.

“You are the new generation of business people in Europe. Be bold when setting your goals and work tirelessly. Test your skills in a competitive environment and if you fail, try again. This is the only chance to achieve something great,” Maydell urges the youth.

In addition to this program, Eva Maydell supports a number of other initiatives for the development of education for young people in Bulgaria. She is the initiator of the “Teach me to be able” campaign and is one of the founders of the “Education Bulgaria 2030” association. The aim of “Teach me to be able” is for young people to work directly with leading companies in order to obtain qualifications useful for their professional development.