“The entrepreneur as a discoverer” – the training program that stimulates creative thinking

Over the past 2 years, over 60 students have gone through the educational and training program “The entrepreneur as a discoverer”. The course managed to establish itself as one of the main informal educational programs on the territory of the city of Plovdiv, highly appreciated by the students.

In preparation for new study groups in 2017, we recall the feedback of some of the students about the training program.

“Here, my mistake was not followed by a poor mark, but by a valuable lesson that spurred me to keep coming. It is through our mistakes that we learn.”

While failure in school is expressed with a grade of “Poor” (2), it is in entrepreneurship where failure is an important step to move forward. In the course
“The entrepreneur as discoverer” we explain the concepts of risk and uncertainty, and failure as a technique for acquiring new knowledge. According to the results of the follow-up survey all surveyed students perceive risk and failure in business as a normal phenomenon.

“Very good explanations based on examples and games, which distinguishes these lectures from others on the same topic”

We believe that modern education should be based on approaches where the student is at the heart of acquiring new knowledge, not the teacher. That is why, in the “Entrepreneur as a discoverer” course, we emphasize on the use of methods that allow students to reach conclusions and discover the knowledge that is important to them. This approach to acquiring new knowledge is confirmed as appropriate and preferred by the students themselves.

“Here you learn useful information, different from that in school. Creative and different thinking is stimulated.”

“Entrepreneur as a Discoverer” views entrepreneurship as a set of values, such as motivation, passion and creative thinking. An entrepreneur is one who deals with uncertainty with the idea of changing the world. He relies on his own capabilities to create a product or service that others need. It is this approach to the world and business that can create the most opportunities for success in life.

“Extremely interesting. It opens your eyes to the real, adventurous side of business and economics. I would love to do a second level of the course.”

The majority of business courses embedded in the curricula are aimed at introduction to the first steps of creating a business and developing management skills. Significantly fewer courses are aimed at the development of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurial culture. Something that the Entrepreneur as Discoverer course is trying to change.

At the end of January 2017 a new study group of 25 students from Plovdiv and the region will be formed. We plan to keep the training free, and for this purpose we will accept up to 25 scholarships from private individuals and companies to form a new group in the city of Plovdiv at the beginning of 2017. One scholarship amounts to BGN 185.

If you want to support us or get more information, please write to miteva@bauersax.org or call tel. 0885 939 713.