Bauersachs Foundation launches a program for early career orientation and motivation

Bauersachs Foundation in partnership with „Liebherr Hausgeraete Marica” LTD launches a program for early career orientation and motivation, aimed at 300 vocational high-school students from Plovdiv and Pazardzhik municipalities. The programs is part of the “Equal chances for career development” project, that is supported by  „Trust for social achievement“ .

Main goals:

  • Raising the motivation of high-school students, incl. those from disadvantaged groups, to pursue successful career
  • Accomplishing early career orientation
  • Establishing a sustainable model for successful integration into employment
  • Building partnerships between NGOs, vocational schools and businesses

Core activities:

  • Soft skills diagnostics and coaching 

The first part of the program is aimed at the diagnosis of soft skills (social skills) of enrolled students. The diagnosis will be done through through the innovative system Self Awareness, that is certified by the Cambridge University. The diagnosis is accompanied by coaching sessions for students, that aims at raising the awareness of their strengths and social skills. The students will receive guidance on how to apply and develop their soft skills in order to increase their competitiveness in the labor market.

Those activities will be conducted during January – April 2017.

  • Career orientation days – on-the-field visits in “Liebherr Hausgeraete Marica” LTD

The second part of the program consists of conducting organized visits to the plant of “Liebherr-Hausgeräte Marica” LTD. Employees of the company will present the variety of career paths for professional development and the necessary competencies and skills demanded by the company. The presentations will be accompanied by a tour of the factory and the students will get acquainted with the real working environment.  Groups of 20 students will be formed for the one-day visits.

The on-the-field visits will be conducted in May – June 2017

For more information about the project, the foreseen activities and the opportunities for inclusion of vocational schools in the program, please contact us: +359878378941 /