The industry in Plovdiv offers good opportunities for career development

New research shows future labor market trends to help children and parents choose a career

Plovdiv is establishing itself as a technological industrial center where companies offer professional training and opportunities for career growth in sectors with high added value. The processing industry creates more than half of the output in the economy of the Plovdiv region and one third of the jobs. Over a period of five years, the number of people employed in production has increased by 4,500 people, and the demand for personnel with secondary technical education is increasing.

For the last five years, the average annual growth of wages in the industry was 9.1%. In sectors such as the production of electrical equipment, they are 34% higher than the regional average, and in the production of machinery and equipment they are 48% higher.

Over BGN 500 million are the purchases of durable tangible assets in industry in the last year for which data is available. These are mainly purchases of modern machines and implementation of new technologies that automate part of the activities, improve working conditions and allow enterprises to train new employees qualitatively and in shorter terms.

Interest in dual education is increasing, including from the manufacturing companies. The number of open dual classes is growing, which will increase by another 6 in the new school year. There is also a drive to increase the number of partnerships in order to offer a variety of learning practices and internships. Businesses are already openly expressing their readiness to support the educational process, showing interest in working with students, by offering internships, organizing career orientation, delivering lessons “on site” and introducing students to the latest trends in the relevant sector. There is also a positive attitude towards providing support in developing curricula and modernizing the learning process, as well as providing training for teachers in order to improve their qualifications.

The study is part of a program for early career orientation and motivation of students, parents and teachers from primary schools, developed and implemented by the Bauersachs Foundation on behalf of the Municipality of Plovdiv.