First manufacturing visits, part of the early career orientation and motivation program

With huge interest from students, parents and teachers, the first visits to production enterprises, part of the program for early career orientation and motivation for students from grades VI and VII, were launched. During their visits, students have the opportunity to learn about the process of creating some of the most popular products in our everyday life, as well as learn how professions and technologies will develop in the coming years.

IMG_20181109_140240A total of 30 6th grade children from two elementary schools in the city visited Biomashinostroene AD, where they learned more about the process of creating heat exchangers and vessels used in the food industry. A strong interest among students was caused by the high degree of process automation and the mass introduction of modern technologies into the production process, which requires highly qualified and well-trained personnel.

IMG_20181109_143926A group of 15 students from the VII grade of the elementary school in the village of Trud visited Prolift EOOD, where they got to know the process of creating elevators, escalators and hoists and learned more about the complex skills that are needed to create a final product. The possibilities of working with machines with a high degree of automation aroused strong interest, and some of the students expressed a desire to conduct an educational practice in the company.


The visits continue in the coming weeks, when nearly 150 students will have the opportunity to get to know the processes and necessary skills in high-tech companies such as BTL Industries, Andy, Liebherr and Biomachinostroene.

The visits take place within the framework of a program for career orientation and motivation, implemented in 5 primary schools by the Bauersachs Foundation and under a contract with Plovdiv Municipality.