The course “The entrepreneur as a discoverer” was held for the first time in Gabrovo

Th course “The entrepreneur as a discoverer”  was held for the first time in Gabrovo in November 2019.

For three weeks, 22 young people aged between 14 and 19, developed their own business ideas, participated in a number of game situations and solved challenging business cases. The training, which took place over 3 consecutive weekends, was aimed at developing an entrepreneurial mindset, self-confidence and a view of Gabrovo and the world as a place full of opportunities.

The learning content, which was divided into 3 separate modules, was highly appreciated. In Module 1, students defined problems and their potential business solutions. Basic economic principles were covered, including resource scarcity, the role of incentives, functions of the price system, the laws of supply and demand, and types of costs.

Module 2 focused on profit functions, the difference between economic and accounting profit, ways to raise start-up capital and the differences between comparative and absolute competitive advantages. The visit of the international software company FFW caused a lasting impact. The students had the opportunity to meet its regional manager Bozhidar Boshnakov, as well as to find out what motivated him to return to Gabrovo.

During the third and last module of the training, the students visited the Prince company in Gabrovo, where they had the opportunity to follow the process of creating luxury leather products. The training continued with a number of game situations and case studies. Some of the basic marketing principles were also covered.

The training was rated highly by the students themselves, who gave an average rating of 8.9 out of 10 to the course and learning content, as well as an 8.7 rating to the lecturers. Students described the course as “Very useful and informative. Fun and rewarding”, “Inspiring and educational”, as well as useful in obtaining “Extremely valuable knowledge on entrepreneurship”.

The course is implemented under the “Youth Activities” program, with the financial support of the Municipality of Gabrovo, as well as with the support of the “AMK” and “Prince” companies.